Monday, May 5, 2008

May Goals

Yeah, I know I've been a slacker on posting my monthly goals. I suppose other items have occupied my thoughts for a couple months. Let me give it a shot today.

  • Reduce car debt by $900. Although those aren't exactly the numbers projected in my monthly budget, I'm hoping things move in an increasingly positive direction this month.
  • Pay $200 toward church remodeling pledge. You may remember this pledge as I've mentioned in previous posts. $1500. We only have $337 remaining, due by mid July. If we pay the $200 this month, we head into June with only $137 remaining. Nice.
  • Bring Emergency Fund back up to $1000. Yeah, with the nail in the tire and all, the EF is down. But only by $57.73. ;-)
  • Spend $150 on clothing. Yes, I's a spending goal- the first of its kind for me. I am literally wearing several items dating back to my early high school years. No lie. I actually have a suit jacket I still wear from 8th grade. Not to say I haven't gotten anything new to wear since high school, just not enough to where I feel comfortable throwing out my old stuff. I need to replace some shoes too. $150 is not much, but I am well capable of maximizing it's potential.
And that's it. At least for you. All other goals are held tightly in our little gazelle hearts. :-) The outlook for our future income seems bright. Hegazelle began his new pay scale as of April 28, and if our calculations are correct, well, it just looks really good. Our goal is to continue living like the poor little gazelles we have been (ha!) and sock all the new money at this car loan, killing it in short order. I'll believe it when I see it though. His first check under the new system is this Friday.


MG said...

Knowing you, you'll make that $150 dollars spend like $500. I'm not as good at that as you are...Well, things do cost more in my size, but still.
Your dad would still be wearing things he wore in the eigth grade too if I hadn't cleaned his closet out way back when...Now that would be scary, but you still look great in yours. ;-)