Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hegazelle: New Pay Scale

Well you haven't heard much from me here except to comment on a few different subjects, but I am really excited about how things are shaping up for us since we started working toward financial peace. In the very near future my job is going to be changing to a new pay scale. We are going to be using a flat rate system on all of our jobs. The way it works is for every repair in the book there is a code for the amount of labor it should take. We will still be on an hourly wage, but we are going to start getting paid for the billed hours instead of just actual hours worked. For instance if a job's labor code totals 5 hours and I finish it in 3.5 hours I will still get the total 5 hours. The cool thing is if we get stuck on a job and the actual hours worked is more than the billed hours we don't lose those hours either. It is really a no lose deal for us. I can't wait to switch over to the new system. It is going to feel like getting another raise. It is always nice to have extra money coming in. I wish we would have been on the new system today I would have gotten an hour and a half extra pay. I am also trying to sell as many service contracts as I can because we get 5 bucks for each one we sell. I am trying as Dave says to " increase my income." More money coming in equals faster moving piggy. And that is always a good thing.