Friday, March 28, 2008

Last Call!

Ok, I know it's all been preliminary discussions, but if you are in my area and you or someone you know is serious about joining the next Financial Peace University Class we've got to know NOW.

I just got the word that we need 8-10 sign ups in order to start the class. I think I have 4 families for sure- Morgan, Miller, Dillon & Sieckman. Please confirm your intent in the comments section of this post.

To review- the cost for the class is $149 per household and includes a great set of materials (newly updated too!)

If you know someone who wants to take the class, but may not necessarily read this blog- please let me know somehow. Email is fine... The key here is to get a solid number of at least 8-10.

Tell people! Get them to commit! Let's do this! EMAIL ME!!


Anonymous said...

If we get the 10 signups - the cost of the materials drops to $100per family!!!

That's an AWESOME savings!!

The Facilitator

PJ said...

I sent you an email, shegazelle...I wanna join.

BTW: why does the guy in the FPU add there at the top of the post look like he just jumped out of the 27th story window?

Kinda scary...