Friday, December 31, 2010

2011- The Year of Saving?

I feel as though we've been bleeding money. The adventure has been fun, but I'm ready to stop the bleeding. Christmas was more fun than ever- a new recliner for HG, outdoor playhouse for the Baby Gazelle, and best of all we gave more away than we have before. Yes, being debt-free with an emergency fund has certainly been better than the alternatives we've experienced in the past.
But as is the custom for most of us in January, it's time to tighten up. The goal for this coming month: save another $1000 in the New Car Fund. I think we can do it if we got back to the insanity we had while getting out of debt. Let's see if we still have it in us.


Anonymous said...

You're blog has been a major inspiration to me. When I first started reading it, I started at the very first post and read it word for word to the very last post. You have helped me to see that I am not the only one trying to live like no one else so we can later live like no one else. It's a major struggle, but your blog has been a HUGE inspiration. Thank you.

SheGazelle said...

Thank you, that makes it all worth while! We are certainly proof that regular people can do big things when we set our mind to it. :)