Tuesday, November 9, 2010

**Cough cough**

That's the sound of this poor blog coming back to life! Not that I intend to post daily or even weekly...
Where I live it is cold this morning. Finally. And I think that chill has got me in the mood for Christmas shopping! And the person I keep getting gift ideas for? That Baby Gazelle. We have a money market account that is specifically for gifts, and a small amount is auto-debited from our checking account each week for gifts. Whenever there is a birthday, wedding, graduation, etc., we use funds from this account. Then when November comes, we take the amount in the gift fund and write up a Christmas budget. This includes a list of everyone we want to buy gifts for, and how much of the budget we will allot to each person. Then when we go out to shop (or login to Amazon to shop) we have clear ideas of what we're looking for. This whole process has eliminated the possibility of Christmas "sneaking" up on us, and the dread that goes along with that.
One thing I have done already this season is to host my own Usborne Children's book party. By doing so, I get all of the benefits that Usborne offers its hostesses which includes lots of free and 1/2 price books. I have nearly 80 pounds of books that are being shipped to me right now, and probably 50 pounds of it is mine to give as Christmas gifts to the Baby Gazelle and other kiddos on our list. And no, in the Baby G's world there is no such thing as too many books. Baby G has more books than toys if you can believe that.
If you haven't been saving for Christmas all year, I encourage you to try it. Start now! Even $5 a week would give you an extra $260 in a year's time. You won't even miss it, but you'll sure enjoy it next Christmas season!