Tuesday, July 6, 2010

What's goin' on? :)

Well, what is going on with the gazelles? The truth is: nothing too exciting. Yeah, I haven't felt the need to post about the financial plateau we have been on. Mind you, it's nice to have achieved our goals thus far, and I'd rather not have Murphy show up and give me something to post about, but I have been an uninspired blogger.
So today I bring the smallest morsel of an update.
Hegazelle has met a sales goal that earned him a 2 night stay at a nice Pacific Coast hotel. He's a standout at his company, and besides happily joining him at the coast, I'm proud of him!
At home, we're working on our office/guest room. We need more space so we've sold our traditional queen size mattress and box spring and are replacing it with a full size sleeper sofa. It just so happens that another couple are doing the same thing with their home office/guest room, and their blog has provided us with a few ideas. This project is not on the fast track, meaning we plan on spreading it out over time so it's easier on the budget.
One reason we need that office/guest room to be easy on the budget is so we can free up money for our current most important savings goal: Disneyland Annual Passports! We were thinking of saving for a nice cruise vacation in the next couple of years, but the thought of taking a toddler on a cruise did not appeal to either of us. So the vacation evolved into the Disneyland passes which we can use all year long, and we won't have to pay admission for the little gazelle. More bang for our buck, which we always like.

And that, dear readers, is what's goin' on!


Anonymous said...

It seems like everyone is has hit a plateau. I hope you get your motivation back.