Monday, August 9, 2010

Goal met

We achieved our goal of saving for those Disneyland Resort Annual Passports. And it's a good thing we passed the goal by a few bucks because last week Disneyland implemented price increases on everything from Annual Passports down to parking. Of course that's aggravating when you're just a few weeks away from making the trip and the purchase, and the price goes up.

So to make up the difference, I'm getting diapers unbelievably cheap on shipped free to my doorstep! 30% off diapers at along with the 20% off coupon code in the August and September issues of Parents magazine is rockin' my budget world! We're talking .13 per diaper here folks! I know...but if you were diapering a 14 month old, you'd be excited too.

A couple weeks ago I met with Dave Ramsey's ELP for investing in my area. It was a great meeting, and the start (or restart) of our retirement saving. Since we suspended retirement saving to get out of debt and save up for emergencies, we have been slow to start up again. After being on such a tight budget for so long, we're feeling spendy and don't really want to think about saving a bunch of money for when we're 60. But it must be done, so we'll be contributing to those Roth IRA's very soon.

Meanwhile, there may be a gazelle yard sale soon- this place is getting crowded with 3 people and their stuff! When we were getting out of debt, we sold just about everything that wasn't nailed down, so there hasn't been much stuff around here to sell. Add a baby to the mix, and it's time for another yard sale. Here's hoping for pleasant weather.