Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Hegazelle and I are making our resolutions for the new year one month at a time. We've decided to make resolutions regarding home improvement, financial improvement and physical improvement and write them on the calendar each month. (Of course we have our individual resolutions for spiritual improvement- those are written internally.)
For the month of January our financial improvement resolutions are:

  • Familiarize HG with how to access and use all financial accounts, spending plans and bill payment schedules. (This was pretty easy, and has been accomplished already.)
  • Save $400 to the emergency fund.
  • Gather all 2009 tax documents.
  • Prepare an updated will.
Sometimes our home improvement resolutions will be entirely dependent on our budget for that month. We're keeping it very small- making simple, low or no cost improvements. An example would be this month's resolutions:
  • Organize office and create a system to preserve organization. (This means no more piles of mail. I hope...)
  • Re-caulk shower in the master bathroom.
Rarely will our physical improvements affect our budgets, except in the case of food. Eliminating some dining out would affect it positively, while eating well at home could cost a bit more. We shall see.

I'll do my best to let you know how we fare this month.