Monday, February 15, 2010

February News

In January we were mostly successful in reaching our goals. Not 100%, but mostly successful. We reached our $400 savings goal (thanks to 5 paydays instead of 4!) but we fell way short of our fitness goal of walking 12 times. January was a busy busy month for us, and left us with not enough evenings free for walking. HG became familiarized with the workings of our finances to the point that should something happen to me, he'd know what to do. We organized the paperwork in our office and created a filing system for our important documents. It sure is nice to know exactly where to find things! Not only did we manage to gather our tax documents, we had our 2009 taxes prepared by a CPA who is Dave Ramsey's Endorsed Local Provider in our area.
So there were successes in January. February, however, has brought new challenges to these gazelles...

Hegazelle has worked little this month. Obviously, we take the hit for that in the pocketbook. His work thrives in extreme weather, and it has been neither hot nor cold. Thank God that He has allowed us to save for such times.
My job may cease to exist in just a short while. I have counted myself blessed to be able to work from home since the baby gazelle was born, but management has made me aware that there will be downsizing and position consolidating. In other words, fewer brushes and less paint covering bigger walls. My working from home would need to cease to help cover more in the office. The problem is, I can't go back. Not even one more day per week. HG have crunched the numbers again and again, and all things considered (i.e. commute and childcare) it doesn't make sense financially. Not to mention the baby I'm supposed to be raising. So while I continue to work as I have been, that is quite subject to change in the immediate future.

On a more positive note, HG has bright horizons at his work. Much more work is scheduled for next month along with the promise of a salary increase and a new commission program. He is excited and ready to get back to work.

And wanna know what slackers we are? The month is more than half gone and we've not set any goals! Maybe we got a bit of the wind knocked out of us this month, and were too discouraged to be ambitious. Or maybe just lazy. I think we will work on March's goals now!