Saturday, October 10, 2009

An Awful Money Leak

Image courtesy of Penny Pinching Grandma

Have you ever felt like you were watching your dollars sprout wings and fly away? That's how I felt this week when I found out how much was being taken out of Hegazelle's check every month for health insurance. Oh man....yes, these Gazelles missed a big one when it comes to money, and for a looooong time. Back when the Baby Gazelle was born and I was researching cost-effective insurance options, I kinda gathered that HG was paying ALOT for health insurance through his work. So I told him to find out when open enrollment was so he could possibly make a cheaper insurance selection. They told him that open enrollment was in October. So here we are now in October and HG brings the paperwork home. Folks, he had THE MOST EXPENSIVE plan!!! After going through the paperwork, we found a plan with no deductible and a $40 copay for- are you ready for this- $200 less per month. I wanted to cry a small river. A large river, actually. It was like finding a really bad leak, only it was a money leak! So after I write this post, I'm gonna try not to think about (or calculate) how many thousands of dollars have needlessly left the Gazelle home, and what great things I could have budgeted that money for. It will only make me sick!


Kathy McElhaney said...

It's such a game! ONE and ONLY ONE year we decided to go with a high deductible plan because "we never get sick..." Yes, that was the year Les' neck had a herniated disk resulting in surgery. The Out Of Pocket was unreal! We still never get sick, just have major ordeals!

A.L. said...

The best part found the leak! What if you hadn't?? I recommend thankfulness for the knowledge to plug the leak and moving on... :) I applaud your diligence!