Friday, October 30, 2009

Gazelle Grab Bag

Christmas is coming, budgets are tight for many people- do you have different holiday plans this year? Just curious...the subject interests me.

In my last post I was lamenting an awful money leak. Yesterday I received a bit of salve for my wound. Our property tax bill (for which I save a little every week) arrived in the mail. It has been reduced by over $500, meaning we have over-saved! My first inclination is to spend it on the baby gazelle, but Hegazelle and I will have a "budget committee meeting" very soon to decide what to do with the extra.

Speaking of the baby gazelle, I have a confession: the baby is 5 months old with no college fund. Yes, but that is because the parent gazelle's haven't finished their 6 month emergency fund!!! Following Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover means we put off college saving until we have that Efund in place and have begun saving 15% of our income for retirement. So if we don't get movin', we're gonna turn around and find an 18 year old gazelle ready for college with no money for it!


Anonymous said...

Put the savings into the emergency fund! It will help get you to your goal faster!