Friday, April 10, 2009

Health Insurance for Baby Huey

Today I sent in our application for Healthy Families health insurance benefits for Huey. Kaiser will cover Huey for the month after birth, then it's up to us to find insurance. Healthy Families is a state funded insurance program that I hear has income requirements that are higher than most other state funded programs, so I thought for the cost of a stamp and a bit of work to compile the documents, it was worth it to try. Luckily they allow you to apply for coverage for an unborn child in the last 3 months of pregnancy, and we should know within 45 days whether Huey will be accepted or denied for coverage. The monthly premiums for Healthy Families insurance is from $4-$15 per child, and copayments are $5 for a visit. VERY cheap. Paying for Kaiser insurance out of my pocket, well, that's another story. Not so cheap. So with a quick prayer and fingers crossed, I've mailed Baby Huey's application. We'll see how it goes.


Nancy Oliver said...

heathy families is a great program, hope it works out for you! by the way when is Huey expected?