Saturday, April 4, 2009

Gazelle Update

Nothing much is new for these Gazelles these days. Hegazelle has been working without incident for about a month now which is really good. One good thing did come out of that accident with the uninsured driver that hit him in his work vehicle- the insurance company sent him a small sum for his "personal pain and suffering". In other words, please don't ever come back and sue us.'s really such a game.
Work for me is good. Things have improved on a few levels recently for which I am glad. The boss has agreed to a work at home arrangement after Baby Huey is born, a great thing for many reasons. No need for me to pay someone else to raise my kid, I can continue to contribute to the family income, and it's just best that I be home with Huey most days. And after 6 years with the company it's still the only place I'd want to work for.
The countdown is on- a little less than 60 days (approximately) till these 2 gazelles become 3. I'm sockin' the money away since I don't know what all I need to buy for this kiddo. I figure I will understand better by and by, so I'll just save money instead of buying things now.