Monday, April 20, 2009

Deal Surprise

I LOVE a good deal. I love even more when you're not even looking and a good deal smacks you in the face. A while back, I found the picture above on the Ikea website and thought it could work in Baby Huey's room. It's a ready-to-hang canvas priced at $79.99. So Hegazelle and I set aside the money to make the purchase. This weekend while out of town visiting family and doing a bit of vacationing, we stopped at Ikea (there's not one where we live...waaaah.) We head straight to the wall decor and were surprised out of our minds to see the picture was 62% off- $29.99! I hugged HG as we loaded one on the cart. :-D HG was excited enough to continue shopping for other items such as lighting, rugs, and mirrors since we had money to spare. We ended up with a groovy mirror for our room and another accessory for Huey's room along with the picture we came for, and spent less for all of it than we were intending to spend!