Monday, February 9, 2009

Good thing milk isn't too expensive

I've just begun to notice the price of a gallon of milk recently. Only because we hardly drank it before, so we kept maybe a pint around for cooking every once in a while. Because of our lactose intolerance, we got to where we just stayed away from it. But for some reason, the milk has begun disappearing at an alarming rate around our house. Hegazelle claims he has not touched it, but in two days, 1/2 a gallon disappeared. It's disturbing. We bought our first full gallon last week and it was gone before we knew it. So when I spotted it for $1.94/gal. this week, I snatched up two of them. I think bandits are robbing us blind of the milk I'm buying. Gonna have to watch the grocery budget and watch that refrigerator door. Things could get ugly.
Soon our fridge will look like this:


Anonymous said...

that's what our fridge looks like ask phil.