Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby Huey and his poor old Dad

I should have known Murphy was just around the corner last Friday when I woke up to a refrigerator with a puddle in front of it. The freezer had been thawing all night apparently. But Hegazelle in his handiness found the problem and fixed the refrigerator for $10. For this we were glad. Our emergency fund has been getting healthier by the week, and we didn't want to spend a bunch of it on a new refrigerator if we could help it.
Hegazelle worked much over the New Year's holiday and the weekend because he was the man on-call for work. I felt bad for him- runnin' his van up and down the highway, repairing heaters right and left!
It happened on Thursday. No, he didn't fall from a roof or a ladder, thank God. In fact, he had just stepped off of his ladder and turned when pain shot from his knee up thru his hip and lower back. Severe enough pain that he ended up at a worker's comp medical clinic getting a look over. While we have no answers at this time as to what exactly is wrong with his leg and back, the clinic doctor has taken him off of work until the problem is fixed. Physical therapy and a couple prescriptions are the doctor's orders until Hegazelle's follow-up appointment this coming Friday morning. He can walk, he just sort of hobbles from the pain and his distrust of his knee and hip. Time will tell how this will play out, I suppose. Meanwhile, a prayer for his quick recovery would be appreciated.
So since Hegazelle spent most of his day on Friday at home (and some of Thursday afternoon,) much of the housework is being tended to while I am at work! But after that, it's hello bordom. He was glad to come pick me up from work last night and go out, even if it was shopping. We decided to start adding baby necessities to our empty backroom little by little. Two ways to get Hegazelle excited about shopping: 1) go out to shop for Baby Huey, and 2) promise him he won't have to walk on his bad leg because Target has motorized carts! So while he motored around the baby department, we managed to pick up a diaper disposal system on clearance, an infant health and grooming kit, and a formula dispenser. Since we have saved every dime gifted to us at Christmas time, the cash is readily available and dedicated solely to baby related purchases. We are certainly thankful for it. Anyway, we only purchased those three things because we spent too much time sniffing Baby Magic baby wash, and hunger set in so we left to eat. Speaking of Baby Magic baby wash, was my mom the only one addicted to that stuff? I think it was used on me until I was like 7 years old or something. Sure does smell good though, so I could see why.
Today marks 5 months (or 20 weeks if you prefer) for me and Baby Huey. Sorta crazy that he/she will be here in 4 more months. We've got work to do- and saving too!


Anonymous said...

Where did you come up with the name Huey.It sounds like one of Donald Ducks offsprings.LOL

Sorry about the accident.
We are praying for a quick recuperation. Sounds as if you two have things under control. Glad you did not fall off a roof or a ladder.

We love you two. Make the best of your time off. This too shall pass.

Just think: YOu don't have as far to go as you have already come.

If you need our help, let us know.

Poppy and Nama

Nancy said...

Don't buy everything! You've gotta save some things for the shower!