Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More on Huey and Huey's Dad

Hegazelle is still off of work and continues to experience pain. I feel bad for him. Though I couldn't help laughing at him getting out of bed this morning: he sounded and moved much more like someone WELL beyond his 26 years.
As far as the financial impact of him not working- he will be paid 2/3 of his gross wages (no taxes withheld, so basically the same as his usual net pay) and will begin receiving checks next week sometime. In the meantime, if need be, we will fill in the gaps with our emergency fund.

Tomorrow I have a mid-term ultrasound scheduled. This is supposed to be a pretty thorough investigation into Baby Huey's world, with the intention of making sure all is as it should be as far as organ function and baby's size. This is also where most parents peek at their present early (a.k.a. finding out whether it's a boy or girl.) While I have no problem with anyone peeking at their present early, this time we have chosen to wait until "Christmas" comes to find out what our present is. We are likely to peek at future presents, but not this time. :-) Anyway, since it's a new calandar year, I'm allowing Kaiser to run up my bill towards my $1500 deductible. By the way, still no resolution on the other ultrasounds they want to stick me for from last year.
Also, in answer to one of my previous post's comments, there's some stuff we really can't wait on a baby shower for, because that will happen after the baby is born. We could have something before, but since we won't know what Huey is, and also because our life is booked solid thru June, it's likely going to occur after Huey's arrival. Which is cool with me since I'd rather have people making over the kiddo than over me. And to clarify again: NO, the baby's real name will not be Huey. Not that I guarantee anyone will like the real name either, but just so you know. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Good to far as the baby shower is concerned.