Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scattered thoughts

I tell you people, there are just too many deals out there for me to write them all out for you! I'm just not as good as my fave coupon bloggers. Tomorrow night I'm looking forward to doing some deals at Rite Aide and a few at Target. The LA Times is such a lovely paper for having Target coupons mixed right in with their manufacturer's coupons! My local paper looks lame next to the stuff I get from the Times. Thanks to a friend for that tip!
Also, thanks to my "Coupon Sharers"! I have 3-5 copies of most coupons in my binder. If it wasn't for you I would not have near as many jars of Skippy and Ragu, and certainly not the stash of shampoo and conditioner in my cabinets!

HG had a birthday this week, so he is treating himself to a much coveted massage at the chiropractor's office. Lucky duck.
Tomorrow marks our one month anniversary of being debt-free. Yes, we still like it. In fact we liked it even more today when the title for our car arrived in the mail! If you haven't already, I suggest you try it. Being, debt-free, that is. Oh, and carry cash too. I've found I really like that.

The vote is in, and you're ready for a change. As soon as I'm sure what to change it to, this blog will appear with it's new look for Baby Step 3. Stay tuned.


A.L. said...

I think I will miss the cheetah, but I'm anxious to see the wonderful design you come up with!

mg said...

I'll miss the cheetah too. But have fun changing things up.

Katie Booker said...

Happy Birthday HeGazelle!!!
Enjoy the massage...I'm jealous!