Saturday, August 23, 2008

Plodding along

So, back on the personal finance front, we are doing our best and saving steadily for both our emergency fund and our vacation. The decision has been made to wait just a bit longer on the 401K funding in hopes of finishing our emergency fund sooner. For the last few weeks the same amounts have been put in both the EF and VF. Next week is the 5th Friday for the month which means the mortgage and bills are all paid so it's ours to blow. A camera is in order since we are going on vacation in October, and a person just shouldn't go on vacation without a minimum of 10X optical zoom and image stabilization you know?! Apparently I have a rather shaky hand because I've noticed my low-light shots are quite blurry. So I have to find a camera to compensate for that. Recommendations are welcome.
No other news, really. I'll let you know after next Friday how the EF savings fared on our first month with no debt.