Saturday, May 31, 2008

May Goals Recap

Here's the scoop on how we fared on the goals we set for May:

  • Reduce car debt by $900. Man, oh man. I'm happy to report that we paid $1,352.00 on the car in the month of May- $452 more than we were shooting for!
  • Pay $200 toward church remodeling pledge. We paid $387. That means we are paid in full on the $1500 we pledged to give. Woo hoo!
  • Bring Emergency Fund back up to $1000. Done.
  • Spend $150 on clothing. I failed on my spending goal, people. Looking over my weekly budgets, I only gave myself $100 to spend on clothes this month, and I still have $30 of it in the clothing envelope. I guess if there's a goal I could pick to fail on this month, it would be this one. And now that we're clamping down on things, that $30 is gonna have to last until this car is paid off.