Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Gazelles: Fed up with debt

Wednesday I decided to take a closer look at the timetable for our debt payoff. I took a look at the calendar and what we're paying per month on average to see about when we'd be debt free. My calculations gave me this answer: September. At our current pace, we'd land in September debt free. I didn't like that answer. At all. So I decided that 2 months max was all I could stand. But how in the world will we pay off $4500 in 2 months??
From there I went to our budget to see where we could cut back to bare bones. The categories I found room for serious cut backs were food, side job I pay my sister for, clothing, car wash, gift fund, vacation fund, and blow money. Additionally we will be paying the final $147 on our pledge to our church remodeling fund, so that frees up more money come June. Still this is not quite enough to make our payoff in two months. But what we lack in funds, we'll make up for in determination! We plan to sweep the house again for any thing else we can possibly live with out and selling the stuff. We've started scouring Craigslist more often in search of any sort of odd jobs we can do for extra money. Truly, if we complete this goal by the end of July, it will be an act of God!
So prepare to be entertained by the next two months of Gazelle Tales and the crazy lengths we go to to finish this car debt off once and for all! And certainly, if you have any advice on how we can pick up additional income, let me know.