Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Challenge- Do you have what it takes to be gazelle intense?

Anyone notice that I'm most inspired to post on Tuesday nights? Yeah, I just got back from the week 4 Financial Peace University class "Dumping Debt." This little gazelle just drank an energy drink and is totally ready to sprint again. Meanwhile, I want to issue a challenge to the local yocals here that are getting started on Dave's plan. The challenge is for those on Baby Steps 1 or 2.
You need your $1000 emergency fund YESTERDAY. Or for you people on Baby Step 2, you need a shot in the arm- some extra cash to kill a credit card. So let's do it.

Here's the challenge:

Between now and June 15 you need to commit to having a garage sale. Goodness knows most of us have a house FULL of junk (and some nice stuff you just don't need) that you could sell to get this thing moving. If a yard sale isn't possible, commit to listing and selling at least $100 worth of stuff on Ebay or Craigslist. In fact, even if you do plan on having a garage sale, I suggest listing your big ticket items on Craigslist. Doing so will likely bring you more cash.

So there's the challenge. Get gazelle intense- by June 15. Look at everything in your house and weigh out how much it means to you in light of your current financial goals. Then sell some stuff. Lots of it.

And the bonus: whoever has the most impressive (true) tale of their garage sale and/or Craigslist earnings at the June 17th class, wins an audio copy of Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover to either keep or give to a friend, courtesy of Shegazelle.**

Let's kick this thing!!

** "Impressive tale" to be determined by and is the opinion of Shegazelle.


Katie Booker said...

Hopefully by June 15th I will have the most "Impressive Tale" of saving/making money. Hopefully we will have another Tax Deduction by then...will that count =)

SheGazelle said...

Only if your tax savings exceed your expenses.

*cHrIsS* said...

You are soooo motivational!! You'll be looking at all the eye-popping ways we can save cashola around here pretty soon! Can't wait!