Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial Weekend Plans

I'm looking forward to a nice, relaxing, breezy holiday weekend. I plan to put a few gallons of $4 gas in my car, yet drive it as little as possible. Goodness knows I have plenty to do at home. Yard work and house work are calling to me. I know that may not sound relaxing to you, but I relax when my house and yard are clean. Dirty floors haunt one's dreams.
Payday wasn't overly exciting today. Down a bit from last week. But next week should be a dandy since Hegazelle billed a lot of hours and plus it's the 5th Friday of the month so none of the money is tied up with bills.
I guess I should mention how we pay our bills in order for that last statement to make sense. Since we get paid every week, we divide our bills up weekly and pay a portion of each bill each week. That should mean we divide each of our monthly bills into 4ths. Instead, I split it into 3rds to allow me one "free week" a month. So the months that have 5 Fridays allow me to celebrate 2 free weeks! (I hope that made sense.)
I need to make a stop at the farmer's market for some summer squash. I live for this stuff every year. I've got 3 young squash plants of my own that I hope start producing in the next month. Meanwhile, I'm off and running. Happy Friday and Memorial Weekend.