Monday, April 21, 2008

Shegazelle's Monday

I felt better overall today, though my appetite is lacking. A friend of mine who wants to lose a couple pounds is coveting my sickness.

Today I picked up a flat of strawberries for $10 and split them with my supervisor. Sweetest strawberries you ever tasted. The cool thing is they were discounted because they were "Yesterday's Berries." Who cares, they look and taste great.

Hegazelle washed the exterior of our windows before I got home from work and the grocery store this evening. VERY nice. He also set up a work bench in the garage (a hand-me-down from my uncle) to take the place of his ever so innovative, but very makeshift table.

And speaking of going to the grocery store, WOW. The prices are climbing almost as rapidly as fuel. My beloved tilapia fillets have gone up to nearly $3/lb. Beef was actually cheaper, so I bought a few petite sirloins. Our stomachs will probably revolt.

Work is incredibly busy. I can't get the stack in my inbox to shrink for nothin'! We also rehired two employees who left or were asked to leave previously. I'm glad to see them back especially since neither of them have been working. Times are changing, responsibilities are growing and business is hopping. Instead of lunch breaks I think I'll start taking nap breaks.


mg said...

Glad to hear your feeling better! Hope it stays that way! BTW, which corner did you pick up those strawberries on?