Saturday, April 19, 2008

Murphy, please leave me alone!

Well, any appetite I thought I had was short lived. I was able to eat almost a half of a hamburger yesterday at a work bbq yesterday, and a few bites of a hot link, but that was it. Cooked dinner for Hegazelle and friends, but ate none of it. Since I'm usually eating non-stop, I better enjoy this while it lasts. (but I'm not...)

Friday at 5pm, I'm winding up the day at work, and one of the guys comes in and says my car has a flat. He's cried wolf about this before, so I told him "Yeah, right" and went on. Well, he was serious. This is not the first time I've come out of work to find one of my tires flat. Thankfully, we have a mechanic/mr. fix-it on-site for our fleet of vehicles and equipment, otherwise I don't know how I would get out of the parking lot in these situations. Anyhow, I caught Mr. Fix It just as he was leaving, and he agreed to plug the tire. Turns out I had a screw in the shoulder near the sidewall of the tire. GREAT. So he fixed it up enough so I could get to the tire shop down the road. When I got to the tire shop, the guys there found another nail in another tire! Thankfully that one was repairable. So $116 bucks later and about 6:20pm I was on my way home. Frazzled. I didn't make it to the bank before they closed at 6, and my paycheck still sits in my purse. Good thing Hegazelle was able to go get the proper cash for each of our budgeted envelopes before the bank closed. What a harried afternoon. And Murphy struck my emergency fund once again. The "yuck" continues.


A.L. said...

"Yuck", as you eloquently put it, is life, my dear. I see you still found many things to be thankful for in this tragic story. It could have been worse. Chin up, after the valley comes the mountain top! :)

Katie Booker said...

Hope you are feeling better soon!!! The "Yuck" bug is no fun...especially with Murphy attacking you!!!

Katie Booker said...

Hey...maybe its another "Bunny"????????? =)
JK..couldn't resist.
That is more for Hegazelle than you.. =)