Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring Fever

I am sore. From my shoulders down to my calves I have muscles screaming at me. I guess that's what happens when you sit on your rear all winter, and then go out and do yard work when spring-feeling weather arrives. Me and Hegazelle worked over the front flowerbeds. I had planted 80 tulip bulbs in the fall, so we have been waiting for some color. I took a bit of money from my "household goods" envelope and bought some mulch and some annuals that should bloom in a week or two. So I did some squatting, kneeling and digging that has contributed to my current state. But it looks so much better now.
I also mowed and ran the weed eater around our rather large backyard. The weed eater contributed to my sore arms and shoulders. Then I hosed off and straightened up our patio. All this yard work mixed with the time change for daylight savings has me exhausted today.
It was worth it all today when I came home from work and saw the first of the tulips had bloomed.

First Spring Tulip in Shegazelle's Garden

Shegazelle's Azeleas

Misc. Other Blooms


Laurie said...

The flowers are gorgeous! You inherited the green thumb from your mother and grandmother. Your back breaking work paid off and the yard is something to be really proud of. Kudos! A.L.