Tuesday, March 4, 2008

More about insurance

Insurance is a big deal. Insurance is all about transferring risk. There are all types of insurance available these days, but it's up to you to be a wise consumer and determine which types are a good value for you. For my readers in the UK, AutoNet Business Insurance offers you an opportunity to get various types of insurance quotes online. I like the idea of researching insurance and getting quotes online. And I have done just that with my auto, life and even identity theft insurance. By doing so, I saved $500 a year on my auto insurance versus what I had been paying. I actually budget $82/week out of our paychecks to cover homeowners insurance, auto insurance, his and hers life insurance, and identity theft protection. Yeah, insurance is a huge deal, but we all know what a bigger deal it can be if you're caught in a situation without it. (Don't worry, health insurance isn't in my budget because my employer pays for it. That's the best deal I've found on insurance yet!)
The one type of insurance that we are lacking at the moment is long term disability insurance. I have looked high and low for a good deal, but insuring some blue collar workers is nearly impossible to do at a decent price. Hegazelle's employer offers a group plan for short term disability, but not long term. I plan to keep looking.
The more I learn about insurance, the more I know I'm in the wrong business.

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