Friday, February 8, 2008

Working on Saturday

Happy Friday all. This Friday, as well as the last, hasn't proven to be a breakthrough of any sort, just another plod along in this journey. I think because I have so many things to spread my money around to in my budget, it's spread thin and isn't moving anything very fast. So it goes. I should be more jolly come week 5 of this month- that's just free money for me!
Thankfully we have an "odd job" tomorrow to help things along. We have been "hired" to help family clean some hard to reach spots in their home. Light fixtures, stuff like that. So we'll load the ladder in the Volvo tomorrow along with some rags and various cleaners and get the job done. This is a nice reward since Wednesday night there was a $100 job on Craigslist that Hegazelle refrained from due to mid-week church service.

It's off to the bank to get the week's cash. Have a great weekend everyone!