Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Success and What about Valentine's Day?

The weekend was one of success. Hegazelle even became an impromptu plumber on Sunday and made some money. Weekend odd jobs total- $200. And the guy that Hegazelle rerouted his kitchen sink plumbing has more jobs for him including installation of a ceiling fan. I love it that people are too lazy to do this stuff and have money to pay us to do it!
That means we can make another trip to IKEA for the last of what we need for our bedroom. Maybe when I get everything put together I'll take a picture and share it. It's not likely that you will care for the set up and decor though. We'll see.

Hegazelle appears to have a palsy of sorts on the left side of his face. Naw, actually he had a few fillings done by the dentist today, and the numbness is hanging on. As you can tell we're making good use of our dental insurance these days. I'm just hoping that the fillings are covered 100% like the cleanings and x-rays were. comes Valentine's Day. Or if you're "unattached", it would be Single Awareness Day. For those who are attached, attached by marriage that is, let me recommend the book listed in the side bar that I recently read (a.k.a. listened to the audio book.) This mushy season of love would be a great time for you to read this seriously good book. Dave Ramsey is actually having a Valentine's Day special on his online store and The Five Love Languages is included. Or you can do like I did and borrow it from the library. Either way, it's a great book and a must read for you married people. Back to the subject of Valentine's Day specifically, I just thought I'd give my opinions. I don't see how it's romantic for two married people to take money from the same bank account to go buy things for each other. If you're dating, certainly the young man should spend his life savings on the girl he loves! But when you're married, it's the same money. Rather than exchange gifts, if we're gonna spend money, I'd rather spend it on something we can do together like dinner or something. We usually stay home and I cook something extremely unhealthy for Hegazelle while he does a small home improvement project around the house. That's my gift from him and dinner is his gift from me.
Do you do Valentine's Day? If so, do you participate in the commercial/traditional way with chocolates and flowers and a $5 card? Do you find more creative ways to celebrate Valentine's or do you boycott the holiday altogether?