Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The thing I love the most

I was thinking the other day- There are things that I do without, corners that I cut and so forth to make my financial goals. I haven't bought new clothes in a while, and gone a few weeks without blow money. But I have one thing that I don't like to cut back on in my budget, one thing that I like to spend on every week. I can't help myself. If I deny myself or cut this category too far, it won't be long before I begin blowing money on it again.
What is this thing I love so much? FOOD. Remember how last week we pulled in the reins so tight that we only spent $60 on food for the week? Well, we got paid on Friday and went grocery shopping that same day. The rest we could use for eating out for the week, right? By Sunday night we cleaned out the food envelope. Pathetic, I know, and I'm dutifully ashamed.

I'm sure you all have the same deal. There's some stuff you could do without for quite some time for the success of your budget. But surely you have that one category or item that you can't seem to restrain yourself from. What tends to pull money thru your fingers? What could you care less about?


a.l. said...

I have to admit that the problem I have is food, also. But not what you would think. For myself I can eat very inexpensively and stay on a very frugal budget because I just don't eat out except on a rare occasion. My problem is that I love having my niece and nephews over and with kids come snacks! That is what blows my food budget out of proportion. I have to have a blow envelope for the kiddies! :)

MG said...

I agree, food is the "thing". I only lasted a month on the $25 dollar a week grocery list I came up with. It was miserable! I decided life's too short...My food budget is back to it's former status-right up there with breathing.

Anonymous said...

Hey it's Kelly :) not anonymous... just don't know how to fill out all that other stuff! I'm on lunch break and though I'd check out the blog... love it! I need to come here more often for cheerleading =) It's so much easier doing "Financial Peace" with friends! Not to say it's not motivating results on your own, but it just helps with some good friends! I better get... lunch is about up... oh and my weakness on money spending?!?!? I know this'll shock ya all... TARGET!!! =0)

Becky said...

I Have to say that mine is my "Babies" I love to buy for them. Paul says that I need to cut back in that area but I think we should find another area. Thus the fee kick back that I am hoping for from EVERYONES $$ for performing weddings. HAHA