Friday, February 1, 2008

Beef. It's what's for dinner. Everywhere but my house.

Happy Happy Friday! We made it all week without a trip to the grocery store and food to spare. Which is quite a feat since I never keep a large overstock of food in the house.
Also, after a couple conversations with coworkers this week, I've discovered that we don't eat like average people. I never really thought about the fact that beef rarely enters our home- say once every 4-6 months. Ever since I discovered ground turkey was cheaper, leaner and tasted just as good as ground beef, I've essentially removed beef from our menus. "So what do you eat for steaks?" one coworker asked. Um, I guess we don't eat them. Unless we go to a steakhouse, we don't eat steak. We eat chicken and fish, which I thought was normal too. When I explained to one coworker that I hate to fire up our big outdoor grill for one 3x8 in. salmon fillet, another coworker looks up an says, "You BOTH eat that one piece?" Yes, with rice or potato and veggies. Is that not enough food? If not than why are we full when we eat it? I guess we didn't get the memo on what normal American families are supposed to eat.
Surprisingly enough, we haven't wasted away, and are no where near skin and bones yet. Hmm.


MG said...

First they laugh and make fun of your spending habits. Now, they are making fun of your eating habits....Your doing great kid! It could be you singing at thier funerals, that might possibly be funded by the state. hehe
I love it!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

very pious... I hope someday I can be better then everyone as u are.

MG said...

Pious?? Have you read any other post on this blog??

SheGazelle said...

I would suggest that the first step to be "better than everyone" would be to use your own name when calling others names on my blog- lest someone mistake you for a coward.
I'll thank you to come here in the future with intellectual conversation whether you agree or disagree with me or those who comment.
It is quite obvious that you misunderstood MG's comments ENTIRELY. I'll not take time here to explain the joke- it isn't worth my time.
I will run a blog that may include differing opinion, but I will not run one of conflict. Please confine that to your own.

Other Readers-
I'm sure the rest of you understand the spirit and intent of this blog is to share my experiences and thoughts with those who may be striving for the same thing we are- financial peace. We have not arrived- it is a journey. And I hope it is one we can all have fun with and continue to enjoy together.

a.l. said...

My sentiments exactly, Shegazelle. Let the stone thrower identify himself/herself or be silent. He/she obviously felt an overpowering urge to speak, but was unable to do it properly. You on the other hand, were eloquent. And Mg was correct on all accounts, as well. Bravo!

SheGazelle said...

Thanks, a.l. My site meter data actually provided me with the information needed to confirm my suspicions.
He need not identify himself, but rather as you said, be silent. He is not welcome here.

Becky said...

I guess Paul and I need to take lessons from you. If we ate more like you we might look a little "less healthy" haha. Keep up the blogging I so enjoy reading of your journey. It has inspired both Paul and I to change some things. We have not changed as much as we need to but we are working on it and you encourage us with each step you take.

SheGazelle said...

I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying the blog! It makes it worth while.

We're all making changes- a little here and a little there- it's just part of the journey!