Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Drowsiness, Groceries and Tax Refunds

  • Is drowsiness one of the side effects of oral surgery? I'm not even taking anything and I've been unbelievably tired all week. I only allow myself some Ibuprofen before bed to make sure nothing makes me tired at work. I have only a dull ache in my jaw that gives me a headache every morning. Maybe the jaw ache is due to the 55 degree temperature in our house...who knows. If my Feb 15th PG & E bill isn't significantly lower, I'm turning that thermostat up to 65 for the rest of winter!
  • On the money saving front for this week, we're trying to avoid going to the grocery store. We are eating everything at home we can find. It's actually sort of a fun game. Soon my cupboards and refrigerator will be as bare as my master bedroom! One wise move that is helping us is that we froze 3 containers of leftover enchiladas from my birthday party last week. Each container has 2 servings. Monday and Tuesday for lunch, Hegazelle had tuna salad. I ate enchiladas on Monday, and took the final slice of provolone for a grilled cheese sandwich on Tuesday. Today, we're both having enchiladas. For dinner Monday night, it was FREE FOOD!! We went to the FPU graduation and potluck. Last night for dinner we deep fried burritos. So thus far we're getting along fine skipping the week's grocery trip. Friday night we will certainly be ready to shop though.
  • I'm the type of person who believes in taking just enough exemptions on your W4 so you don't owe the IRS money and they don't owe you money. However, for some reason this year I am really hoping for a tax refund. And I'm really hoping that the President's economic stimulus package gets underway quickly so that I could have another $600-$1200 by June. Yeah, I wouldn't cry about that at all.