Monday, January 21, 2008

Some say we've lost it...they may be right

Well, we've gone over the edge with the Craigslist selling.

We sold all our bedroom furniture Saturday night.

Don't worry we still have our back-killing queen size mattress, so we're not exactly sleeping on the floor. We took the plunge because we know we need a king size bed and we're gonna need some money to buy the furniture anyway. Furthermore, I've fallen in love with a store I've never even been inside of. Ikea. I really believe I can buy everything there for under $1000. Yes, that includes a mattress. The MALM series looks most appealing to me, but of course I want to see it in the store before I decide.
What an experience. We posted the furniture after 5pm on Saturday night, and by 8:30 a family was loading it up in their van and truck. And they weren't even the first people to look at it. Crazy. So the adventure of saving the rest of the money for a trip to IKEA begins. I don't care, I've got to get something else to sleep on besides this dreadful mattress we have now.


PJ said...

...starting to concern me, Shegazelle...

That's a little extreme, dontcha think?

SheGazelle said...

I have to buy a new bed, don't I? I need the money to come from somewhere, don't I?
This process is called patience, brother. And you of all people should well know that I have a lot of it...

Katie Booker said...

Hey, you could come move in with us =) Then we could really be considered the "bunnies"

PJ said...

Ok. I think I might be insulted. What, exactly do you mean that I, "of all people should well know" that you have a lot of patience? Are you implying that your patience was developed in dealings with me?!?!

I think not!

You know as well as I do that you were FAR more...trying? (actually, you can fill in the blank there; pretty much any adjective will fit) than I; in fact, I didn't even DEVELOP a personality until I was 19 or 20!

So, as for patience? I'm certain that anyone who was close to you throughout your teenage years is well-versed in the ways of patience; but you? I can't say. If you're patient, it has FAR more to do with your dealings with your sister-in-law, I'm sure.

SheGazelle said...

Dearest PJ, can you say FPU CD's?!?! :-D

PJ said...


YES! OK! NOW I get it!

Wow! Do I ever feel foolish! I go off on a rant, and you're talking about something COMPLETELY different!

Ok...well, I DO have your CD's; I simply keep forgetting to give them to our mutual acquaintance. They're even in my car.

SO: if you could be so kind as to ask HIM to mention it to ME next time he sees me, I'll be sure and give it to him--along with a giftcard to Taco Bell (for your longsuffering patience, and because I feel bad about your <$1 lunches).


The Facilitator said...

I, for one, wish I had the ability to tackle debt the way you do. I have been steady in getting our debt down in size, but it's still a long way off in my mind. If I could just step it up a notch or two, we would cut the time in half!

Well done, both of you!!

P.S. Miss you in class!!

P.S.S. Pot Luck next week! :D

SheGazelle said...

Ha...PJ, I couldn't resist.

KT, I think we're ok...we haven't sold the house yet, so we still have shelter!

And the Facilitator: Thanks! And it will happen for all of us, this debt freedom. It just happens at different times, different pace, and different ages. I know my fire is fueled by the stories I hear of those who have arrived at that point, and hopefully we can be that fuel to others when we get there.

P.S. Maybe we'll be able to crash the class party next week!