Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Results of the Budget Revamp

After yesterdays ponderings of the budget, I sat down and did the November budget last night. I feel good about it, I just hope things work out according to my estimates. If so, I will be able to pay down $1000 of my car debt. That will feel splendid. I ended up slashing my food budget to loosen up the important things like my debt that was jammed up. We'll see how it goes.
You can see the little green piggy is finally closing in on the $9,000's. I'm going to cross over that mark this week if it means I sac my whole food budget and eat at the mission. I need the morale boost.
So, watch on Friday for the moving of the little green piggy!!


Anonymous said...

Have you considered picking up a second job during the holidays? Nothing will make that piggy move faster than some extra income! Plus, you can work a few hours a week at a store you really like, and in addition to some extra income, often you'll get an employee discount which = great gifts with less cash!

I heartily recommend it. You have no children, so no worries about "mommy guilt" setting in when you're not home in the evenings. It's really fun to work retail when you know it's only for a few weeks. I suggest a "higher end" specialty store. It's much calmer and people aren't quite as difficult to please.

One other bonus - you'll be AMAZED at how much money people spend at the holidays! Think of all the great stories you can blog about.

One Christmas season I worked in a specialty Christmas Decor shop. It was a BLAST! The atmosphere was wonderful, it was fun to decorate and design with somebody else's money, I certainly put the extra cash to good use, and I witnessed incredible things - like people spending $10,000 on Christmas decorations.

Go For It! If you can't trim your budget any further - increase your income (if only for a few weeks).

SheGazelle said...

Actually, I have thought about it. Guess that's something I should have written about, huh?! Last Saturday night I spent 20-30 minutes doing something I can't remember doing in over 6 years- I applied for another job. An additional job. Target had a bit of a campaign going on for seasonal workers, and since I love Target, I figured it was as good a place as any to apply.
Thanks for the input- I never thought of working at a specialty store. I'll have to see what I can come up with.