Friday, November 2, 2007

Post Holiday Bargains

Good lovely morning to you! Yes, I'm rather chipper today as I have rewarded myself with a vacation day. A do-whatever-I-want day. I think I'll paint my bedroom and also sell some of hegazelles neck ties on ebay.
Yesterday I made a purchase I had been planning in my mind for a couple weeks. Halloween candy on November 1. Yep. Since I have a party coming up on November 13 that I have to provide food and snacks for, I planned to get away with a bunch of cheap candy on November 1. I took 6 bags of candy all at 50% off. And if there's any left in a few days, I'll probably get it for 75% off.
The day after a holiday is the day to get great bargains on the holiday related items and to get the good stuff. Then a week later after it's been picked over, go back again for the 75% off stuff. Last year was the first year I did the early morning, day after Christmas shopping. It was AWESOME! I went with 2 girlfriends- we got one cart at Target and raced straight to the Christmas decorations. I had wanted so bad last year to have the larger ceramic bulb Christmas lights, but I couldn't bring myself to spend $7 per box. So on this shopping trip, my mission was to get my lights and get them cheap. One person guarded the cart, another carried the sword to fend off women who would try to steal the bargains we wanted and the other grabbed the good stuff. Well, maybe there wasn't really a sword, but there was always a cart guard. The first Target we went to did not have the lights I wanted, and I was distraught. I just knew that there were hundreds of women at the other Target scooping up any lights that were available. So we raced to the next store, and lo and behold, tons of boxes of my lights!! I got several boxes of lights, much more than I needed, just for the sake of having extra and because I could afford them at the new price. I also scored big time on all the pretty wrapping paper; you know the super cool stuff that's like $10 for 10 feet? I bought a wrapping paper storage bin and filled it with nearly free wrapping paper. It's been sitting in my garage singing Christmas to me all year long. I can't wait to use it.
As for the day after Thanksgiving, I used to be a Black Friday regular. But I never found that I got any more smoking deals that day than I did the rest of December. Maybe I never learned the art of it. Have you?
Are you a post-holiday bargain shopper? Have you made a killer Black Friday purchase? Or have you paid regular price so often you didn't know sales existed anymore?
Share your story or input!


Deanna said...

Love to post holiday shop, but with the kiddos its tough at times,(hubby usually works those days=() They don't enjoy the shopping as much as I. I've found for me personally that its not worth going at the crack of dawn on black friday. I've been in the evening and got some of the same great deals. (just my opinion).