Monday, October 29, 2007

Sizing up the budget

The weather is changing and so are hegazelle's paychecks. Things are just a bit slower. I think this means I need an increase in intensity. Over the summer I gave myself an additional $15 per week to spend on food. I may do away with that.
I could cut my clothing budget down, because I rarely buy clothes and yet I'm putting $10 weekly into that envelope. I'm not sure though, since hegazelle has a hole in one of his work boots.
Fuel is such an unpredictable category that I don't think I'd want to cut into it. I put about $25-$30 in the fuel envelope weekly, and that's about exactly what I need to get me thru to the next Friday. I think I'll revamp the budget before Friday. It's time to get rid of this car payment FAST.
**Brilliant Idea** Wow- just that fast I had a brilliant idea! I'll cut my food budget to zero by eating YOUR food! Tell me what nights you cook and we'll be there every week on that night for dinner! Although, there are a few of you who would bust my fuel budget if I came to your house for dinner, so you're off the hook. :-D
Birthdays are killing our blow envelope these days. Until our budget loosens up enough to have a gift category, we buy all gifts out of our blow envelope. If you're related to me, please don't have any more kids in October. Or if you wouldn't mind, start celebrating your October birthday in May. I have more money then. Thanks.
Gotta go- I'm off to the 9-year old cousin's birthday party.


Katie Booker said...

I say you do away with buying birthday gifts all together! (I'm sure the "in-law" siblings won't mind) We decided that after this year..we will no longer buy gifts for the "Booker Siblings" because basically we are all just swapping money. This is how it works..My birthday is in June so I get cash or checks from Joel and Erica and Larry and Sarah. Then comes Phillips birthday in July and he gets the same amount from both parties. The next day is Joels birthday so basically we take the cash given to Phillip and pass it to Joel. Erica's birthday is in August so i take the cash given to me from them and pass it to her. Sarah's birthday is next in September and so I take the check written from her to me, cash it and give her the cash. Larry's birthday is last and comes in October..Phillip does the same as I do. Basically..we are all back to square one..that started in June. So, we decided..No more swapping money! Works for me!

MG said...

I agree with Katie, with the exception that the money never seems to find it's way back to me! I am sitting here working to revamp my own budget that's been kicked by a those same birthdays. And, while I love these little darlings to death they are blowing my blow envelope right out of my pocket. Luckily the new year is coming fastly toward us. I intend to start my gift fund in January. What do ya know?.. Just in time for Shegazelle's Birthday....and shucks, she looks great in green:)

SheGazelle said...

Well, it's not really a money swap with these birthdays. Like last night- it was my cousin's kid. We don't have kids, so the gifts aren't in circular motion. Which, by the way, is just fine.
I enjoy giving gifts, it's just more challenging when my budget is limited.
It will sure be nice when I have money one of these days.

MG said...

Of course, I was only jesting about the money swap. I enjoy giving waaay better then receiving. And, I'd give em the whole blow envelope if I wasn't so addicted to a certain Indian restaurant in town. he he
Yup, giving will be a whole bunch more fun when that gift fund is "loaded". Then I can give more and still afford to pig out on curry!! I love it when a plan comes together!!