Monday, March 23, 2009

Killer Deal Diapers

I updated the sidebar list of things we have so far for the baby gazelle. Hegazelle got all of Huey's diapers out of the stockpile closet and into Huey's closet, and now they are organized in such a way that I could see exactly what we have.

I counted them- we have 1,095 diapers. THAT makes me smile.

I joke with friends that my child will be born into poverty since a traditional baby shower beforehand is out of the question. Huey may not have anything else to wear, but he/she will certainly have "killer deal" diapers to wear!


Another said...

Some good friends of mine had a baby back in late 2000 (scary how the years fly!) At the time they were a young couple, she was at university and he was a trainee manager at a supermarket... his trick to get cheap diapers (or 'nappies' as we call them in Australia) - go along a slit a few pakcets open - they could be sold to the public for health and safety reasons but were sold at a heavy discount to staff. Not very honest, but they certainly never ran out of nappies!