Saturday, January 31, 2009

Gazelle News

After 3 long weeks, Hegazelle was cleared to go back to work by the doctor! He happily picked up his company vehicle on Friday and is scheduled for work at 8am on Monday. Strange, the things that make us glad and thankful, eh? And not a dime missing from the emergency fund for the whole 3 weeks!
Meanwhile, we have committed ourselves and our money to a Bradley series of childbirth classes. Once a week for the next three months we will have a class. Sounds kinda like Financial Peace University- three months of training. Anyhow, we decided that $250 was a small price to pay for something that quite possibly could help me cope with the pain well enough to forgo medication.
And about Huey, the first thing I think I'm going to teach him/her to do is clip and organize my coupons! I'm two weeks behind, and the stack is as overwhelming as 3 months worth of debit receipts you don't want to log in your checkbook register. I've got them all cut, but now that it's the end of the month, I have to weed out the expired ones, then alphabetize and file the new. So yes, it takes time to do this task that gets us lots of free and otherwise cheap stuff, but it's worth the money we save. I'll just be glad to have it done today.


Anonymous said...

Hi to you two
JUst came in to check on you.
Glad Hegazelle can go back to work. I know he is just happy to be out and about again.
I have more coupons for you if they aren't expired.
Maybe we can get together before long....we may go to Texas real soon.

Love you both,
Poppy and Nama