Friday, December 5, 2008

Let the festivities begin!

Tonight Hegazelle and I spend a night on the town. We're going to a Christmas special downtown that should prove to be a dandy. It's part of our Christmas this year since we're spending more money on "experiences" than on gifts. We have the best seats in the house and valet parking is included. Fancy, eh? I'm so excited about going that I'm even looking forward to getting gussied up for the evening. And I DO NOT like dressing up.
Tomorrow night we head out for another lovely evening- dinner and a play for Hegazelle's company Christmas party. Dinner will be at a place I've never tried before (I like new, especially on his company's dime!) and the play, A Christmas Carol, is at a nearby theatre. I'm glad Hegazelle works with mostly pleasant and friendly people, so I don't mind having dinner with them once a year for Christmas.
Then we have my company party the following Saturday at my boss's snowy cabin in the hills, then another Christmas Party at church the week after that! Party, party, party... I'm just glad our Christmas gift list has been shortened this year, since I have very little time for shopping.
Christmas Day and the day after will be spent at Disneyland, with a couple relaxing days in Orange County. Nobody cooking, no last minute wrapping- just enjoyin' time together. Should be a nice change of pace. We can always get back to "normal" next year!