Sunday, November 23, 2008

Baby Fund Sprouts Wings...FAST

The Gazelles have begun shopping for Baby Huey... yes sir ...and discovered that they could blow thru a $600 baby fund easily and only bring home a few things!
Friday night we decided to venture out and look at infant seats and strollers. I figured I'd done enough research online, and it was time to take a look at the real deal. It was quite funny to watch as we wrestled with a few of them- trying to remove the infant seat from the stroller, trying to fold the stroller, unfold the stroller, etc.
And did you know how expensive crib bedding is? And how cheesy looking most of it is?! Most everything is gender specific, which won't work for us who are working on a gender neutral nursery. And everything is "themed" too. No offense if you do, but I don't do themes. No apples in my kitchen, no palm trees in my bathrooms, etc. So the fact that crib bedding is mostly themed with Pooh Bear, airplanes, horses, and flowers leaves me where I started: with no crib bedding. Then I found the Crib Bedding Savior of the World online. For about $65 more, I can leave the world of Pooh crib bedding far behind, and have custom made crib bedding. And the woman has the world's most rockin' fabrics! After browsing all her pre-made sets, I found lots of cute stuff, but nothing in the colors I have in mind. So I email this wonderful person who promptly replies that she'd been wanting to put those very colors together, but hadn't had time! And she emails me photos of 4 complimenting fabrics! So there is hope that our child will indeed have crib bedding.
We have company coming this week, in which our back bedroom will serve as a guest room for the last time. After our guests leave (which we will be in NO hurry for that,) the guest bed will be relocated to our office, and we will begin slingin' paint on the walls and hanging those new hallway doors. I'm super glad for family and friends close by and their offers to help. Who better to hang those doors than Uncle Marty? And who better than eager friends to help paint? My stomach may not stick out yet, but it's certainly not too early to get started and certainly not too early to be sockin' away cash for Baby Huey's arrival.
For this week though, all we'll be purchasing are diapers at Walgreen's. At $3.99 a pack I can't leave them on the shelves...


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