Saturday, August 9, 2008

So you want free food at Red Robin too...

Ok, so about the free food at Red Robin we got a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't supposed to be free, but we did have a $3/off coupon. I'll explain.
When you sign up on Red Robin's eClub, you will receive a free burger/entree for your birthday. But you also get other coupons in your email. Hegazelle received one for $3/off any entree. So we went there for dinner and presented the coupon with our cash when the bill came. The waitress took it in the back and didn't read the coupon. Apparently it looks much like the free burger birthday coupon, so she just assumed that's what it was and brought our money back to us. HG went to find her and explained that the coupon was only for $3/off, and that his birthday was not until the end of August. We waited at the table for our change. Pretty soon she came back and said since HG was honest about the situation his meal would be free! We still get to come back for HG's birthday for another free meal.
While you aren't likely to get two free meals like we did, you can get one free and other great coupons. Click here to sign up.