Friday, August 8, 2008

I still like it

It's been nearly two weeks and I have decided that I still like being debt-free. It seems as though a worldwide memo went out to all the credit card spammers because since the day after we paid off the car I've received about 4 credit card offers by email each day. It's ever so annoying. One thing I have found since we've become debt-free except for the house- I'm suddenly greatly irritated by our mortgage. The thought that it may be ten years before the debt on our home is paid off seems like an eternity. I'll be nearly 38 years old by then! Yeah, that seems like forever from now.

On another note, I've accumulated a nice little stash of coupons. I have tried a couple different methods for organizing them, but as my stash has grown the methods I have used made it difficult to find coupons quickly. This past week I reorganized them for what I hope is the last time. Instead of organizing them by categories, they are now organized alphabetically. And I grew out of the little expandable coupon file in my purse. They're now easily viewed in a binder with plastic baseball card protectors. So far I like it pretty well. All the blogs I read about couponing have different organizing methods, so it seems like you just try stuff 'till one works for you. Here's a couple blurry photos I took with my phone of my binder: