Thursday, July 24, 2008

Meaningless drivel

I know I know, I'm a very bad blogger. But hey, no need to bore you with meaningless drivel. There's been no windfall, no Craigslist jobs, and no real Murphy visits since the garage door opener deal on Saturday.
I suppose I could write a piece on my distaste for debt. I could write about how I disdain it so that I cringe when I hear someone talking about borrowing money or "building credit". I could write about how as I get closer to paying my car off, my mind often drifts and I find myself running accelerated payment amortization schedules on my mortgage balance. But most of this wouldn't be news to anyone, or that exciting either.
I could write about how tomorrow is payday and how we will likely owe less than $1,000 on the car tomorrow. For an impatient person like me, it seems like SO LONG since we've achieved a goal. To be precise, it's been since March of 2007. That first $1000 felt HUGE for us. For the first time, we had a goal, a plan, and we were making it work.
Or I suppose I could write about couponing, and how it's become such a habit to look for deals on everything. I could write about how it got us free dinner at Red Robin on Sunday night, half price Jamba Juice the other day, and cheap dinner for the gazelles who didn't want to cook tonight. But then, I'm not so sure that the couponing bit really interests you.

Yeah, no need to bore you with meaningless drivel.

But I would like some suggestions on somethin'. I want to get some sort of witty personalized license plate frame relating to my (soon to be) paid for car. Something that most people will understand, ya know. So if you have such suggestions, do leave them here, please!


Katie Booker said...

I wanna hear about how you got the free dinner at Red Robin.

And you only owe $1000 on your car now?? That is INCREDIBLE!!! Congrats

Becky said...

I also want to hear how you got a free dinner at Red Robin.