Saturday, July 26, 2008

"It's been a hard day's night, and I've been working like a dog..."

Today it was my turn to slave in the heat instead of my DH. I'm around the block, covered with dust, cutting grass and looking like a bum, and here he comes driving around the block in that lovely Volvo and steps out in dark jeans, a nice shirt and sunglasses lookin' like he was somethin'. Ha!
Trust me- this workin' like a dog business is OVER once this car is paid for. Well, maybe we will still work like dogs, but for SURE our price will be high!
I haven't met many people who would be willing to do some of the jobs we've done to reach debt-free status. And to be honest, if we were like some folks who have a lot more responsibilities or a house full of kids, we might not have been able to do some of the crazy stuff we've done. But let me tell you, all the sweat, weariness and craziness will be forgotten when our loan balance says zero!


mg said...

Way to go Fido!!! LOL Your "doggie treat" is gonna be a rather tasty reward!
Hey, I'm with ya on this one. I do a lot of things I would never have considered doing before (all legal and morally-sound of course)...if the price is right!
They got the money, I can find the time. Arf, Arf!

Oh, and that jean-clad fellow... he really is somethin', Top-Dog I think!