Monday, June 16, 2008

Gazelle Turns Tiger

Hegazelle is an animal. I mean, I think he's a different kind of an animal besides a gazelle. A tiger maybe.
Remember our June goal to earn an extra $200 thru extra jobs this month? Well, thanks mostly to him, we are already at $195. He SCOURS Craigslist hourly when he's home and this weekend he worked 2 side jobs earning a total of $140. He worked his tail end off unloading a moving truck into an upstairs apartment on Sunday afternoon; a time he usually spends napping. Mind you, it was over 100 degrees. He sweat until his clothes were drenched. Saturday morning at 7:45 he was helping another lady pack up her apartment to move. Thursday he helped me mow, edge and pull out over-grown mint at a house around the block.
He works hard during the week, yet he happily works after hours to do what it takes to help pay this car off.

Hegazelle is my rockstar. :-)


Katie Booker said...

He's awesome!
You snagged yourself a good one =)

A.L. said...

I think it is awesome that you two have made a decision and committed to it. Your gazelle intensity is a wonder to behold. Kudos to both of you!