Monday, May 19, 2008

Will Work For Food (but mostly money!)

I should be sleeping. Actually I should be showering and then sleeping.

A couple of single women (whom I also happen to have the joy of being fairly well acquainted with) around the corner from me needed their lawn mowed and edged today, so I took up the task. In 102 degree weather. No, it wasn't the pure kindness of my heart that drew me to push my lawn mower around the block to cut their grass- it was the $30 bucks, silly! Oh yeah, and a lovely dinner with good company. Not a bad deal in my opinion. ;-) Glad they thought of me.

Hegazelle is much smarter than I. After 13 1/2 hours of work in this lovely heat, he has already showered and put his weary bones in bed. Sometimes, after a day like today, I think if the bank could see us haggard little gazelles, they would forgive that remaining $4700 on our car note. :-)

Tomorrow night, is week 3 of Financial Peace University, and so far I am totally digging the new material. Same concepts, but the format and extras are great. A lot of the new class members read this blog for inspiration and motivation, but have yet to brave a comment here! I guess it's up to me to write in such a way that compels them to comment, right?

Anyhow, time to get smart and get headed towards a good night's rest. Good Ni...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....


A.L. said...

Wow! I have to say that is dedication to the cause. At 102 degress I would be languishing under the ac. Good work!