Monday, May 12, 2008

Class Act Wedding Invitations

Weddings aren't cheap. And the planning isn't usually carefree. (One exception was the wedding of us gazelles- and that was long before we became students of personal finance!) Any bride is thankful for a tip of where to find a great deal on wedding necessities that maintain their class whilst remaining inexpensive. So if you're getting married, I have one such tip for you. Wedding Invitations from 1st Class. They have some swell invitations, response cards and other coordinating paper items. One feature on their site that I found to be nifty was the zoom tool that allows you to see the items in greater detail. It makes the whole ordering online thing much easier.
Check out one of my favorites from their site.

No matter how well you plan, you can't prevent mishaps. From a guest's point of view, often mishaps provide a bit of humor and entertainment to an otherwise solemn occasion. The last wedding I went to had one such incident. It was the wedding of a coworker/fellow high school senior. He and his bride were doing the whole unity candle thing while a romantic song was played. Try as they might, they could not get the unity candle to light. A murmur went across the congregation inside the church. The song ceased to have it's romantic effect on the affair as everyone became fixed on this symbol that was not cooperating. Finally the bride gave up and replaced her candlestick in the candlelabra, but the groom promptly shoved his candlestick into the top of the unity candle where it stood awkwardly until the end of the ceremony. Laughter and applause rang out across the congregation as they strode back to take their place before the minister.



*cHrIsS* said...

That was a GREAT moment in wedding ceremony history!! It still made me laugh, reading your recollection of the account! What a HOOT!