Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello Weekend, I Sure Have Missed You


Hegazelle had to take a test today for additional certifications for his line of work. It is not a requirement, but he has more certifications than anyone at the company he works for and this puts him that much further ahead of the pack. In this day where jobs are difficult to come by, it's best to make yourself as valuable to your employer as possible.

While Hegazelle is becoming more valuable to his company, I hope that in turn he brings more to the budget TO PAY FOR THIS STINKING TICKET!!!! All I have to say is speeding is expensive. Excess fuel usage and special attention from the police department. Not good. Major budget buster.

Well, the green piggy moved to $5500 today. Good pig. Now if only my economic stimulus check was for that much instead of $1200...