Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome Coworkers

Nice to see some of my coworkers actually are interested in my freakish money cult! :-) Yes I know you're reading...both of my stat counters even tell me which computer you're using! Spooky...
Krystal over at Give Me Back My Five Bucks recently wrote how her BF thought it was creepy that she knew so much information about her readers thru her stat counter. Really, it's not creepy, it's just a handy tool is all. It's often amazing to see how people entered my blog, where they live/work, and how long they hung around the blog. Word sure spreads fast, and links too.
Anyhow, the reason I posted this (aside from finally welcoming my coworkers here) is to tell you that I can't discuss pay raises or perks in any way, nor whom I hate at work, nor whom has bad BO. Shucks.
By the way guys, this was posted on my lunch hour- I'm not cheating the boss.