Thursday, February 21, 2008

"Budgeting is 'top priority' for Brits"

I read a short article at Uk Mortgages about budgeting becoming a top priority for Brits. Apparently the "crunch" we hear about daily on the financial news is having an effect worldwide. Now it seems people are becoming more aware of their finances and actually watching what they spend.
Even before I began doing a zero-based budget every month, I always had a budget of some sort to help me keep track of our expenses. I don't understand how a household, or an individual for that matter, can function without a proper budget. Aimless spending with no thought for how the mortgage, utilities and other necessities will be paid can only last so long. I really do feel bad for the people who get themselves in a mess because they lack the skills and/or discipline to budget their money.

But of course, here at Normal Is Broke, budgeting is second nature, right? :-)